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Honor Someone Special with These Mother-in-Law Mother’s Day Messages

Mother in law Mothers Day messages: daughter giving her mother a gift

When the second Sunday of May is near, Mother’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to start thinking about all those wonderful mother figures in your life. Whether you’re hosting a party in their honor or want to send a sweet card their way, you’ll want all the best words to help you say what you mean. Explore our mother-in-law Mother’s Day messages, then find the perfect Mother’s Day card to send them in.
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Send Your Warm Wishes This Holiday with These Passover Greetings

Passover greeting: Happy Passover Card on a table

With Passover approaching, it’s only natural to start reflecting on feelings of gratitude and joy. When it’s time to share those warm thoughts with loved ones, a thoughtful Passover greeting card is the perfect way to do it. If you want to wish someone well during this Jewish holiday, we have everything you need right here. These ideas for Passover greetings are sure to help you find the right words, plus you’ll find a variety of Passover card designs for sending your wishes. 
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Passover Cards: 9 Design Ideas and What to Say Inside

Passover cards with wine

Passover is a time to celebrate freedom and resilience with those you care about most. The celebration is filled with foods around the seder table— like matzo ball soup, wine, and bitter herbs — and special moments with friends and family. Best of all, the holiday doesn’t just last one day: it’s a seven- or eight-day celebration where you can really spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Passover cards are another common way to celebrate the holiday and share warm wishes with family near and far. If you’re looking to send Passover cards to friends or even colleagues, you’ll find dozens of incredible designs right here. Here are some of our favorite Passover cards, plus tips on what to say inside.
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Celebrate the Season with These Thoughtful Religious Easter Greetings

Religious Easter greetings: Easter Invitation Card

While chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs are fun ways to celebrate Easter, you may want to express a more sacred side to the celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a party and need Easter invitations or simply want to send a beautiful card to your loved ones, adding a religious Easter greeting inside is a thoughtful way to share a meaningful Easter message. 

To help you find the perfect words, here are some of our most beloved religious Easter greetings — plus some lovely card designs you can customize to share the joy. 
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How to Create the Perfect Mother’s Day Ecard

Mothers Day ecard on a tablet

Mother’s Day is on the horizon, and we’re so excited to be celebrating all those incredible mother figures in our lives. They mean the world to us all year round, but this day’s all about making them the center of attention. 

If you’re ready to find and customize the perfect Mother’s Day ecard, this guide’s for you. We’ll cover why they’re such a great idea, show you how to find and personalize one, and share a few Mother’s Day card designs to get you started. 
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Valentine Messages for Boyfriends: Celebrate Him with These Ideas

Valentine messages for boyfriend: Crush on You Card

When the official day of love is on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate. Maybe you’re planning a romantic dinner at a top restaurant or keeping it cozy with a movie night and pizza at home. However you plan to celebrate, you’ll need some words to make the moment feel like magic. 

Coming up with the right words isn’t always easy — even if your boyfriend means the world to you. Take a look through our collection of Valentine messages for boyfriends and presentation ideas to create the perfect moment this Valentine’s Day.
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Sweet and Funny Valentine Messages for Girlfriends

Valentine messages for girlfriend: quote on a card surrounded by pink flowers

When the season of love is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how to tell your girlfriend you think she’s the best person in the whole world. You might think she’s amazing all year round, but February 14th is the perfect moment to get into the spirit of things. 

One of the sweetest ways to share the love is with a heartfelt valentine message for your girlfriend. From short and sweet greetings for your BFF to romantic notes for your true love, we’ve got you covered with this guide to Valentine messages for girlfriends. 
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Online Valentine Cards: 11 Designs to Share the Love (and Laughs)

Online valentine cards: Valentine's Day Card on a tablet beside a wine bottle

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For the romantics, it’s a day to share exquisite poetry and special moments with your favorite person. For those with a funny bone, the holiday is perfect for sharing puns and silly love quotes. 

No matter how you like to celebrate, finding the perfect online Valentine’s Day cards is often the first step in marking the special occasion. Here, we’ve gathered our favorite online valentine cards that share the love (and laughs).
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Already Married Reception Invitations: Message and Design Ideas

Already married reception invitations:

Already tied the knot and ready to announce the big news with an invitation to a fun party? “Already married” reception invitations are a great way to share your joyous announcement. Whether you had a minimony due to social distancing or simply chose to elope, an already married reception allows you to share a special day with loved ones and friends that you didn’t celebrate with on your wedding day. 

If you’re looking for ways to invite friends to your reception after you’ve already gotten hitched, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find tips on what to say in your already married reception invitations and discover inspirational designs. Whether you prefer a fun and lively invite or a more glamorous and formal invitation, get ready to find the perfect match. (Well, you already did that. But you get the idea.)
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A Complete Guide to Sweet and Funny Valentine Messages for Friends

Valentine messages for friends: pink Valentin's Day cards

The Beatles famously sang “all you need is love,” and there’s no time this sentiment is more apparent than on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re hosting an epic celebration or simply sending a card to a loved one, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate romance and that warm fuzzy feeling. 

Valentine’s Day cards aren’t just for your partner or secret crush, though. You can share the love with your BFF and other special people in your life. Use this guide to craft the perfect Valentine messages for friends.
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